Wednesday, April 21, 2010

wouldn't you know it...

the minute i start a foodie blog, i go and get a stomach virus. i'll spare you the details of my next days, because, the details are meant for another type of blog.

i will say, tonight we got back to cooking. And this round was simple.perfect.enchiladas from the Pioneer Woman.

I must say. They are simple. They are delicious. The secret is simple. Green Chilies. You could really skip everything else..the frying of the tortillas, the cooking of the sauce for 40 minutes. Just add the chilies to your meat and it improves your enchiladas 100 times over.

But, her way is good, too.

So, what we did.

No ground beef. We don't dig red meat. Subbed chicken breasts, which I boiled for 10 minutes so I could shred them easier, then sauteed with onions and chilies. No cilantro...only because I was too lazy to go to the store. No green onions or olives either. Same reason. We have been unsuccessful in finding corn tortillas ANYWHERE, so we use flour and prepare them the same way.

They are a huge hit with my daughter, and my son loves them with no sauce. Silly boy gets a separate pan.

And after all the preparation...all i got was this lousy picture.


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